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Plays Out Like A Drum

So I'm still trying to piece together a soundtrack for All In The Way That You Trip, but in the meantime! Have some tunes that remind me of Automatic Zombie Fall and Sam and Mary Beth and Anthony and Pear and Kit and Lissa and Eddie and Digger, etc :) We've got some fun songs here, a nice Silversun Pickups one and I seriously adore David & the Citizens, and then there's those ever-adorable gals of Those Dancing Days; I can't resist them! The Frug always reminds me of that scene in Troop Beverly Hills where they all do The Freddy. ALSO, Zombie Jamboree warning: the chorus? Will probably get in your head and never leave. I was singing it so much that J actually told me to shut the fuck up, even though he tacked a please on there. I was even bugging myself so I can't blame him. It's the whole "back to back, belly to belly, I don't give a damn, 'cause I'm done dead already" oh god, I can't even stop in written form, it's a disease. Listen at your own risk. (I kind of like to imagine AZF covering it, though). Comment if you download! Enjoy!

Plays Out Like A Drum |
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Pear snuggles up to Sam in the back of the van and says, “I’m in love.”

Sam gives her the hairy eye. “Are you kidding me? You kicked him in the balls.”

True love,” Pear says, and sighs happily.

“Are you still icing your boob?”

Pear gives her a vicious poke in the side, sharp nail digging through the thin material of her worn t-shirt. “Shut the fuck up and be happy for me.”

Sam shifts, wraps an arm around Pear’s shoulders, dragging her even closer, and says, “Okay.”

1. Noisy In The Circus - Head Like a Kite
2. Well Thought Out Twinkles - Silversun Pickups
3. Underfoot - Kiss Me At The Gate
4. Darling - Sons & Daughters
5. Void - The Mary Onettes
6. New Moon - Sambassadeur
7. Get Better - Mates Of State
8. That's Virginia - Schuyler Fisk
9. The Frug - Rilo Kiley
10. Run Run - Those Dancing Days
11. With Every New Day - David & the Citizens
12. Wake The Sun - The Matches
13. Zombie Jamboree - Banjo Kate

Longer Than The Road

This might possibly be one of my favorite mixes yet. It's long, too, compared to the length of the actual fic :) We've got a Last Shadow Puppets (yes, that's the dude from Artic Monkeys), I'm completely IN LOVE with Ima Robot, Dear Gabby will get in your head and never leave (the beginning, with the claps *hands*), {{Sunset}} is gorgeous, Nada Surf does a fabulous Pixies cover. In my head Automatic Zombie Fall is, like, maybe a mixture of Tilly And The Wall and Wolf Parade. I don't think that makes sense, but whatever. Comment if you download - enjoy!

Longer Than The Road |
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Kit looks a lot like his dad, except his hair has a tendency to curl. He’s got the same big brown eyes and easy smile, the Walker nose, height, and penchant for flip-flops in all sorts of weather.

Lissa figures she fell in love with him right around the time he stopped loving her back.

1. With Arms Outstretched - Rilo Kiley
2. In the Heat of the Morning - The Last Shadow Puppets
3. If You Got Some Magic - Rademacher
4. Let's Talk Turkey - Ima Robot
5. Give Me Something To Go On - The Eatons
6. Dear Gabby - The Eames Era
7. Dust Me Off - Tilly And The Wall
8. The Sun Ain't Shining No More - The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
9. C'mon Baby Say Bang Bang - Jane Vain and the Dark Matter
10. The World Is Awaiting - {{Sunset}}
11. Where Is My Mind? - Nada Surf
12. It's A Curse - Wolf Parade
13. Fucking Boyfriend - The Bird & The Bee
14. Back of The Van - Ladyhawke
15. Give A Little Love - Noah And The Whale
16. Two Of Us - The Beatles
This is what holiday weekends and writer's block gets you - more songs that you might catch me singing in the shower, the car, as I clean the bathroom, make the bed, etc. I seem to have a lot of covers. I like having familiar songs by different folks - it's fun! Anyway, each song is a separate link - please RIGHT-CLICK and SAVE-AS so you don't destroy my bandwidth! Even though the numbers only go up to 90, there is a grand total of 122 songs listed here; even more than last time! Let me know if any of the links are messed up. This was so tedious. You love me, right? Take a few, take them all, take none, just make fun of my song choices :) Please comment if you download any - enjoy!

[These songs are no longer available for download - thanks!]

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Found Days

I normally don't put bandom songs on mixes because you all have every single song, I'm sure. But I wanted this to feature the bands that Beach Dog collaborated with, so I hope you download it anyway - particularly for the Joy Formidable songs, which are gorgeous. Please comment if you download - enjoy!

Found Days |
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“I’m saying we trash these songs—”

All of them?” There’s a moment where Brendon thinks maybe Ryan’s going to cry, and then his face falls blank. “What the fuck.”

“We set them aside,” Brendon amends, then says slowly, “Pete wants us to put out a Beach Dog album. I want to put out a Beach Dog album.” He fucking loves Beach Dog. He loves the concept, the country-wide festivals, even though they’re few and far between and a bitch to schedule. But he’s kind of having the time of his life right now, with just the four of them. “And then I want to do whatever the hell it is we’re doing together.”

1. While The Flies - The Joy Formidable
2. Dress Up - Kiss Kiss
3. Give 'Em Hell, Kid - My Chemical Romance
4. Flames Go Higher - Eagles of Death Metal
5. One of Those Nights - The Cab
6. Dance Inside - All-American Rejects
7. Sweet Tangerine - The Hush Sound
8. Just Want You To Know - Backstreet Boys
9. Sophomore Slump or Comeback of the Year - Fall Out Boy
10. Don't Speak (I Came to Make a BANG!) - Eagles of Death Metal
11. Time Stands Still - All-American Rejects
12. The Greatest Light Is The Greatest Shade - The Joy Formidable
13. Tuesday's Gone - Metallica

If you know my name, tell it to me

This soundtrack is a little different. So, a couple things: I'm a huge fucking fangirl for Mike Doughty. I think he's completely awesome, and I've thought that since his Soul Coughing days. Although mainly that's because of his amazing voice, since his solo stuff is clearly superior - everything gets to me about him, and that usually doesn't happen with me and music. I love music, but I'm not, like, emotional about it. However, I am a hormonal teenage girl for Mike Doughty. When I put together a mix for a fic, I usually pile 20 to 25 songs into a playlist and then pare it down from there, but when I started this mix 3/4ths of the entire folder ended up being Mike Doughty songs, because everything about Jon being a unicorn makes me think of Mike Doughty, and now I can't listen to one of his songs without thinking about Jon being a unicorn. I've given you a few of these songs before, but bear with me here. This is probably going to be hit or miss for you guys; I hope you enjoy it anyway. He's alt-folk-rock. He's so awesome. Pick up his albums if you like him, they're all really good. Please comment if you download, and let me know what you think.

If you know my name, tell it to me |
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Jon can lie, but he doesn’t like to. It makes him sick to his stomach. It makes him feel too human sometimes, and Bill gets drunk and says, sprawled out on the lounge floor, arm careful inches from Jon’s, “You are human. You are, you are, look at your fucking face in the mirror, Jonny,” and Jon knows he’s trying to help, but Jon—Jon feels like he’s going to throw up all his insides.

Jon looks in the mirror and can see exactly who he is.

1. Grey Ghost - don’t fall through the stars
2. Your Misfortune - when your faith in life is gone / come and speak to me
3. Like a Luminous Girl - shining with the lights going strong
4. Busting Up a Starbucks - the only one that’s ever felt this is you
5. Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well - I sought to lose that cloud that’s blacking out the sun
6. I Wrote a Song About Your Car - all the days that I’m alive / I strive to understand, not / to be understood
7. The Only Answer - my name to you is just another word
8. Ways + Means - said just three honest words to you
9. Madeline and Nine - but I can give you the constellations / lay down here and we’ll count them all
10. I Just Want the Girl in the Blue Dress to Keep on Dancing - and I don’t care to count my chances
11. Unsingable Name - beware the thrum of hearts in your presence and / watch the breeze that snaps at you now
12. Fort Hood - you should still believe in an endless world

We Would Bring It On And On

We've got an M83 (M83 is truly awesome folks), a Matches, a Midtown, a Tiger Tunes. I'm sort of all over the place with this, but I wanted it to have a teenage vibe, and then it kind of morphed into Frank's Halloween birthday bash dance party (Hadouken! will totally make you DANCE - you can even do the Molly Ringwald), and then I thought, what the hell, and threw in an Interpol song, so. It's a nice little fun mix! Comment if you download please - enjoy :)

We Would Bring It On And On |
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“Spencer Smith!” Brendon comes bounding out of nowhere and tackles Spencer before he can even struggle upright. Brendon’s a senior, too, and he plays the trombone, and he’s decided to adopt Spencer – he’d said it just like that, too: “Spencer Smith, I’m adopting you,” and he’d lounged all over his lap during lunch break, like, two days into camp - and he’s possibly got more energy than Frank. Or maybe not more, exactly, just a different kind of energy. Brendon sings Disney songs and pretends to strip for the Butcher and wears tiny purple hoodies and jeans that barely cover his ass. Frank kicks Gerard in the balls and rides around on Bob’s back and calls Spencer a motherfucker at least five times a day.

1. More Than Local Boys - The Matches
2. Broke Up The Time - The Futureheads
3. Teen Angst - M83
4. Blonder - Cinderpop
5. Goods - Mates of State
6. Give It Up - Midtown
7. Alone Again - Illinois
8. Symphonies - Jared Scharff and the Royals
9. Nowhere Again - The Secret Machines
10. New Fast Cats - Tiger Tunes
11. Declaration of War - Hadouken!
12. Evil - Interpol
13. Not Not Nervous - Get Him Eat Him
14. Oh! Vanity - The Charlatans

15. Panama - Van Halen

Weekend Wars by icyanahita

I made a mix for bandombigbang! Here it is! The whole feel of icyanahita's story is very, um, weighty? Dark? Like you'd think a superhero AU would be all fun and games, but this was more about the things they couldn't do than what they could. If this was a movie, At Death, A Proclamation would be, like, as the credits are rolling maybe (god, I love the drums). And, okay, I kind of bookended it like that, because Ash is definitely a winding down sort of song, a fade to black. The whole soundtrack is a lot more metal-ish than usual. House of the Rising Sun has always been one of my favorite songs - I love the original, but I thought the Muse version was a little more fitting. I have a huge weakness for Disturbed - The Sickness is on my list of top 5 albums of all time, IDEK. I've always thought Bodies was slightly masterful. Voodoo is not nine minutes long (Audacity is useful for more than just podfic recording!) Disco Blackout - obviously a shout out to the Vegas side of events. Anyway, comment if you download! Enjoy :)

Weekend Wars by icyanahita |
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1. At Death, A Proclamation - Phosphorescent
2. This Machine - A Brief Smile
3. House of the Rising Sun - Muse
4. Violence Fetish - Disturbed
5. Sacred Heart (Sacre Coeur) - It Dies Today
6. For My Sanity Alone - The Sugar Report
7. Rescue Me - Pushmonkey
8. Bodies - Drowning Pool
9. Voodoo - Godsmack
10. This Is Our Problem Tonight - Aberdeen City
11. Machines - Kiss Kiss
12. Disco Blackout - controller.controller
13. All The Way Back - Wolfmusic
14. Twilight Of The Innocents - Ash


Music in the key of Allotropy. These are less adventurous songs and more I'm in love with my best friend! - no, wait, I'm in love with this quiet steady dude! songs... or something like that. Except for maybe Dear Confessor. That's, like, a we're off to brave new worlds, how is this even possible?! song. It's pretty amazingly awesome. Anyway, comment if you download - enjoy!

right-click save-as: soundtrack

Alex gives it a few days. He throws himself into his work and gives the best damn post mission physicals he can give, and he totally doesn’t think about Johnson at all. He maybe thinks about Cash a little, but that’s mainly because Cash is his best friend, and Cash is always in his face.

“It’s like, okay,” Alex says to Carson’s mice, slumped down on a stool, chin cupped into his hand. The mice are taking turns pushing each other off the little rodent wheel. “You know how you find your soul mate, only he’s straight and also an asshole?”

1. Naturally - Middle Distance Runner
2. Baby I'm Yours - Math And Physics Club
3. Lips Are Unhappy - Lucky Soul
4. How Does It Feel To Look Like Candy? - Swervedriver
5. I Don't Know What To Do With My Hands - Fans of Kate
6. Acting Strange - Tower of Foil
7. Baking - The Voluntary Butler Scheme
8. Fall - The Monday Photo
9. Rough Gem - Islands
10. If Your Really Want Me - Velour
11. The Way You Looked At Me - The Welcome Committee
12. Shake Along, Son - The Happy People
13. Told You So - The Guggenheim Grotto
14. Dear Confessor - Immaculate Machine

Bonus track:
15. Princes Of The Universe (Highlander Theme) - Queen

Not only did Simpson happen to miss the memo that declares her and Alex immortal enemies ala Highlander: The Series - Alex is pretty sure that means he can decapitate her at some point in the near future, never mind the fact that neither of them are actually immortal - she seems to think their short-lived adventure in bonding under an infirmary cot has made them buddies.
Because I'm crazy, and because I love all you so much, I've spent way too much time coming up with a 100 songs I love to sing along to post. It got a little out of hand. There's 119 songs in all and, oh my god, they're all linked separately and I think I've gotten them all straight, but let me know if you come across any errors. Every link you stumble on is a song. RIGHT-CLICK SAVE-AS please! Take a few, take them all, take none, just enjoy my rambling, whatever - enjoy :) Comment if you end up downloading any.

[Annnnnd we're done - sorry folks, these songs have been taken offline.]

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Break Away

So here, um, what I was trying to do was find some songs that reminded me of being chased through the deep, dark woods :) And, like, summer. Kind of. Also, I have a thing for Bodies Of Water. Just a teensy mad crush. As usual, please comment if you download - enjoy!

Break Away |
right-click save-as: soundtrack

"Fuck," Brendon hisses, and he picks up his pace, races across the open field, slicing through the knee-high grass. He fumbles over a slope once he hits the tree line, slides to a stop with harsh breaths, and, thank god, oh thank god, there's Jon, he'd recognize that shape anywhere. "Jon, Jon, oh my god, Jon, I lost Spencer."

1. A Field - Summer Went Too Soon
2. Panic - Autodrone
3. Sinister Six - The Mugs
4. You're a Wolf - Sea Wolf
5. Bringing Knives to a Gunfight - The Stock Market Crash
6. Being Bad Feels Pretty Good - Does It Offend You, Yeah?
7. Everyone You Know - Now, Now Every Children
8. Blacklisted - Ash
9. Small Parts - The Oohlas
10. Northwestern Girls - Say Hi To Your Mom
11. Best Days - The Svengalis
12. Endless Summer - They Live By Night
13. Our Friends Appear Like The Dawn - Bodies Of Water