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master of karate and friendship

fuck this map - a fanmix for SolarCat

This is for sodamnskippy's bonus-a-thon, specifically for solar_cat's awesome fic Tie Your Handlebars to the Stars (And Throw Away the Map).

There's some good stuff here, my favorite being Kick Drum Heart, I cannot properly describe how awesome that song is. Read the fic, download the music, enjoy!

right-click to download

1. Lost - The Mary Onettes
2. Blizzard of '77 - Nada Surf
3. Don't You Forget About Me - New Found Glory
4. Yes, I Would - Frightened Rabbit
5. The World Is Spinning - Opus Orange
6. Take It Easy - Surfer Blood
7. Kick Drum Heart - The Avett Brothers
8. Forever Lost - The Magic Numbers
9. Dynomania - The Vermicious K'nids
10. Weightless - Nada Surf
11. Hey Sunshine - Let's Whisper
12. Nothing But Time - Opus Orange
Tags: soundtracks

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